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Our clinics are composed of highly trained doctors of chiropractic who love adjusting in a subluxation-based practice.  We primarily work with Medi-CAL and Medicare insurance patients, we do not accept workers compensation, or personal injury cases.  There are no therapies used in the clinics so we mainly focus on patient education and the importance of spinal health.

Our employees work smarter and we are looking to hire the best talent to work smarter with us. We look for people who embrace diversity, love challenges and welcome big changes. We’re looking for people who support our mission to improve access to chiropractic care to the underserved and who want to be employed at CBS - and not just for right now, but for the long term. Please join us in the opportunity to support our communities in California.
Our mission is to increase access to chiropractic care for underserved patients by establishing a path to wellness by improving their quality of life through routine chiropractic adjustments.

If you would love the opportunity to serve others and learn along the way, and you're interested in creating miracles everyday by changing lives,  then please fast track your resume and how you see your chiropractic skills helping our community to: [email protected]

We are seeking energetic Doctors that have true enthusiasm and passion for family care and are dedicated to empowering people to live a wellness based lifestyle.

The Chiropractor will provide spinal adjustments with various techniques to manage and improve patients' health concerns. You will be supported to provide quality care in a fun and caring environment. You shall also learn what is needed to grow your practice inside the Community Health center on every level.

If you're interested in working long term in an integrated health center that focuses on doing everything possible to help their patients, our company may be the right place for you.

 DC Requirements

For consideration, here are the attributes we would like to see in our candidates:

Must be an excellent adjuster with diversified technique and experienced with newborns, children, prenatal.
(Drop technique and activator techniques are a plus)

Great communicator, preferably bilingual, willing to learn 

Must be coachable, self-motivated, team orientated

Can provide 5 Star Customer Service

Must live a wellness lifestyle him/herself

Emphasis on patient education

Must be licensed in California

CPR certified

Full-time DCs needed

We are currently recruiting for Chiropractors who will work under the medical direction
of the Chief Medical Officer.

They will develop, implement andcoordinate care to assist patientsof a COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER
in the treatment and prevention of health problems associated with the body’s
muscular, nervous and skeletal systems.

Part-time DC

Are you looking to fill up your
current practice schedule?

We are hoping for a DCs to join
our team for 1-2 days a week.
Chiropractic staffing agency, Chiropractic consultant for Community Health Centers