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CBS provides a high quality service that integrates in-house Chiropractic services to your Federally Qualified Health Center. We provide and assist with all the necessary steps to accomplish a successful expanision of your clinics.

Chiropractic is key to a healthy lifestyle. When pain is actively managed, patients feel better, sleep better and are better equipped to deal with the demands of everyday life. And maintence care helps prevent pain, improve nerve communication and keeps patients moving at their best.
CBS requires our doctors of chiropractic to deliver the highest standards of care. Our chiropractors are licensed health professionals trained to locate and correct joint restrictions (subluxatons) of the spine, thereby helping patients to lead a more healthy, active lifestyle.

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Many community health centers face the daunting task of knowing how to expand their services in a manageable and profitable way. By adding Chiropractic Services you can make a positive contribution to your clinic's productivity.

ChiroCare Business Solutions is laser-focused on the basic components that healthcare organizations like FQHCs need to implement a successful chiropractic department. Adding Chiropractic providers to your healthcare team makes your productivity BOOM in a short amount of time.
The decision to pursue and implement our chiropractic business model can be advantageous on numerous levels. We offer a full suite of outsourced resources, educational products, and services to meet your practice needs efficiently and effectively. It will expand your FQHC's brand because your exisiting patient base will appreciate that your administration is seeking out qualified people who can advise them on the common musculoskeletal issues that matter to them. Intregrating offers a clinically valied drug-less treatment option for chronic pain patients who might  never have considered chiropractic care previously.

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